Sad Leaders in space

Sad Leaders in space, 2021, HD video (4m25s )on an analog TV, masks, puppets, beer and wine bottles, table with table cloth, cigarette butts in an ash tray.

The performance Sad Leaders was reimagined and brought to Hong Kong’s project space, Present Projects, for their exhibition “Only a Joke can Save Us” curated by Eunice Tsang and Tiffany Leung. In addition to live performances, a video installation is also made in the pantry of the space.

Huge thanks go to the performers: Bobo Choy, Ivy Chan, Vienn Yan, Stella Zhou, Joyce Wong, Sam Chan, Eunice Tsang and Tiffany Leung. Additional thanks to Bobo Choy and Ivy Chan in performing for the video piece.


Scroll down for the video in the installation and an excerpt of the performance. Full performance here.

Performance excerpt 19/06/2021. For full documentation, click here.