Anat’s Party


HD video, 33 min 43s

If you have an option to die painlessly and peacefully in your sleep, only that you wouldn’t know when, would you say yes? It seems impossible to imagine that one would voluntarily seek death if they are truly content and happy. Suffering happens all around us but certainly no one would complain about too much good life. Is it ever possible that one would say, with joy, like the last words of George Eastman, founder of Kodak, ‘My work is done, why wait?’ Navigating the tropes of the art world, ideas around success and career, withdrawal and transformation, Anat’s Party probes the perennial question of life through its antipode, death.

Written and directed by Bo Choy
Camera – Emma Dalesman
Sound – Marina Fusella
Actor coach – Francesca Camozzi
Cast – Laura Shipler Chico, Angie Adler, Alex Harland, Mark Kitto, Melody Reynolds, Rachel Summers