VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, 5 November – 6 December, Moscow

Kasseler DokFest, 17-22 November, Kassel

Care Don’t Care, 7-12 November, Basis Projektraum, Elbestr. 10 60329 Frankfurt


Tomorrow: London, White Cube Online Exhibition, 31 July to 13 August, 2020;

The 18th Internationale Festival Signs of the Night, Bangkok, 21 to 26 July, 2020

Selected screenings, performances and exhibitions include Tomorrow: London, White Cube Online Exhibition, Platform1, Bloomsbury Theatre, 2020; Intimacy Spills, Barbican Arts Trust, 2020; Gathering 1 @ Sanmei Gallery, 2020; Mascara Film Club, 2019; Manége, Trekorner Fort, 2019; The Act of Homemaking Dada Post, Berlin,2019; A/WA session at Auto-Italia, London, 2018; and the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, 2017/18.

Bo Choy is a Hong Kong-born, London-based artist working across film, performance and sound. She uses fiction, music, writing and costuming as artistic devices to navigate through the socio-political, the historical or simply what it means to be living in a technologically driven, capitalist urban society. Often borrowing aesthetic tropes from Far Eastern folklore traditions and rituals, her use of costumes and fiction results in works that merges the everyday with the fantastical, the mythological and sometimes the absurd.

She is a graduate of MA Fine Art Media from Slade School of Art in 2020, a recipient of Clare Winsten Memorial Award 2020, Felix Slade Award 2018 and ACME Studio Award 2016.

Contact:, +(44) 7799 421984, +(852) 67604201